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Melanie Duckett 

Specialism in Women's Health, Vestibular and Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

About Melanie Duckett


I have over 20 years experience, I started working in the NHS but then worked for Professional Sports teams, The British Army, and private clinics.  During this time I trained in Pilates, Acupuncture, sports massage, Watsu, and Myo fascial release.  Over the last 10 years I have developed an interest in Women's Health and vestibular rehabilitation and as a result am a member of the POGP and APVIR physio pressure groups.  

Working privately gives me the opportunity to spend time with each patient ensuring the patient is able to describe all their symptoms and then work together to create the best treatment  for the individual. 

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Areas of Expertise


  Help you improve and manage problems that affect muscles, joints and soft tissues like ligaments and tendons. 

Women's Health

specialist in the physiotherapeutic care of women with problems affecting the pelvis and pelvic floor, in relation to: Sports or direct trauma. Childbirth, both before and after. Pelvic girdle pain both before, during and after pregnancy.



trained to assess your inner ear organs with positional testing which puts your head in different angles to try reproduce your vertigo while carefully noting the related nystagmus or patterns of eye reflexes.

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